December 7, 2023

Wedding Trends for 2023: What's In and What's Out

The world of weddings is ever-evolving, and as we step into 2023, exciting new trends are taking center stage while some beloved classics are gracefully stepping aside. If you're planning your wedding this year or beyond, it's essential to stay in the know about the latest wedding trends to create a celebration that's both on-point and timeless. Let's dive into what's in and what's out in the world of weddings for 2023.

In: Sustainable Celebrations

Sustainability has become more than just a buzzword—it's a way of life, and weddings are no exception. Couples are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, leading to a surge in eco-friendly wedding trends. From locally sourced and organic catering to zero-waste decor and biodegradable confetti, sustainability is at the heart of modern weddings.

Out: Single-Use Plastics

In contrast, single-use plastics are on the way out. Couples are ditching plastic straws, cutlery, and disposable decorations in favor of more eco-conscious alternatives. It's a small step with a big impact on reducing waste.

In: Intimate Micro Weddings

2023 continues the trend of micro weddings, which gained popularity during the pandemic. Couples are opting for smaller, more intimate gatherings with their nearest and dearest. These weddings prioritize quality over quantity, allowing for meaningful connections and memorable experiences.

Out: Overly Extravagant Affairs

The days of extravagant, over-the-top weddings are waning. Couples are choosing to invest in personal touches and meaningful experiences rather than extravagant displays of wealth.

In: Inclusive Celebrations

Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of wedding planning in 2023. Couples are embracing inclusive celebrations that reflect their diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. It's about honoring your unique love story and heritage.

Out: Cookie-Cutter Weddings

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all weddings. Couples are steering clear of cookie-cutter weddings and opting for personalized experiences that reflect their personalities and love story.

In: Tech-Savvy Weddings

Technology is playing a more prominent role in weddings. Couples are embracing tech-savvy trends such as live-streaming ceremonies for remote guests, personalized wedding websites, and virtual reality honeymoon previews.

Out: Traditional RSVP Cards

Traditional paper RSVP cards are making way for digital RSVPs and online guest management systems, making it easier for couples to track and manage their guest lists.

In: Sustainable Fashion

Eco-consciousness extends to wedding fashion. Sustainable bridal wear, such as vintage gowns, upcycled veils, and ethically sourced jewelry, is on the rise. Brides and grooms are making fashion choices that align with their values.

Out: Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has no place in the modern wedding scene. Couples are turning away from disposable, cheaply made wedding attire in favor of more sustainable options.

In: Destination Celebrations

Destination weddings are all the rage in 2023. Couples are choosing unique, picturesque locations for their celebrations, often doubling their wedding as a memorable vacation for themselves and their guests.

Out: Traditional Church Ceremonies Only

While traditional church ceremonies will always hold a special place in weddings, they are no longer the only option. Couples are exploring a variety of venues, including outdoor locations and non-religious settings, to create their dream wedding atmosphere.

In: Artisanal Food and Drinks

Couples are opting for artisanal food and drinks to elevate their dining experience. Think craft cocktails, locally sourced ingredients, and custom menus that showcase the culinary talents of local chefs.

Out: Standard Buffet Lines

The standard buffet-style meal is losing popularity, as couples seek more unique and personalized dining experiences for their guests.

In: Sustainability-focused Decor

When it comes to wedding decor, sustainability is key. Eco-friendly decor such as potted plants, reusable signage, and upcycled centerpieces are gaining traction.

Out: Single-Use Decorations

Single-use decorations, like plastic tablecloths and disposable centerpieces, are becoming less common as couples prioritize sustainability.

In: Wedding Weekend Experiences

Couples are extending the celebration beyond just one day, opting for wedding weekend experiences. This may include welcome parties, brunches, and other activities to create lasting memories with loved ones.

Out: Single-Day Celebrations

While traditional single-day celebrations are still popular, they are increasingly being complemented by wedding weekend experiences.

In: Sustainability-Focused Registries

Wedding registries are shifting towards sustainability-focused gifts, including experiences, charitable donations, and eco-friendly home goods.

Out: Traditional Department Store Registries

Couples are moving away from traditional department store registries in favor of more personalized and sustainable options.

In: Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is making a comeback as couples prioritize capturing their special day on film to relive the moments for years to come.

Out: Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras, once a popular way to capture candid moments, are being replaced by professional videographers and smartphone recordings.

In: Unique Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment options are diversifying, with couples seeking unique and unconventional acts like live painters, fire dancers, or magicians to add an unexpected twist to their celebrations.

Out: Cookie-Cutter DJs

Standard DJ setups with the same old playlists are losing favor as couples opt for more personalized and memorable entertainment.

In: Sustainable Wedding Favors

Wedding favors that align with sustainability, such as seed packets, reusable tote bags, and handmade soaps, are gaining popularity.

Out: Disposable Trinkets

Disposable, single-use wedding favors are becoming less common as couples choose eco-friendly options that guests can enjoy for longer.

In: Personalized Wedding Websites

Couples are embracing personalized wedding websites to provide guests with all the information they need and create a seamless experience.

Out: Traditional Invitations Only

While traditional paper invitations still have their place, couples are complementing them with personalized wedding websites.

In: Diverse Floral Arrangements

Bouquets and centerpieces are embracing a diverse range of florals, from tropical blooms to dried flowers, adding unique texture and character to wedding decor.

Out: Monochromatic Floral Designs

Single-flower, monochromatic arrangements are becoming less common as couples seek more variety in their floral decor.

In: Wedding Sustainability Statements

Couples are making sustainability statements by sharing their eco-conscious choices with guests and encouraging them to join in the effort.

Out: Silent Sustainability

Quietly making sustainable choices is being replaced by a more vocal commitment to eco-conscious weddings.

In: Personalized Wedding Hashtags

Custom wedding hashtags continue to trend, allowing couples and guests to easily share and relive wedding moments on social media.

Out: No Social Media Presence

Completely avoiding social media sharing at weddings is becoming less common, as couples embrace personalized hashtags.

In: Sustainable Transportation Options

Couples are making eco-friendly choices when it comes to wedding transportation, opting for electric vehicles and encouraging carpooling

Considering sustainable transportation for your wedding? Let us help you explore eco-friendly options and reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us for more information.

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